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We’re all about indie beauty.

At Troupe, independent beauty brands are the star of the show so we’ll always tell you about them first. They’re a little mix of everything – natural, transparent, vegan, sustainable, fun and above all they’re all safe to use. Indie beauty brands are like Scouts. They’re the innovators, early adopters, and what the big guys look to when they’re making new things. Let’s give the little guys a big win.

Shop by badge.

When we spend money, we want that money going to companies whose values align with ours. We know you do too. Most of the time, it feels overwhelming trying to find reliable resources when researching what products to buy (or not to buy). Shop by Troupe Badges so you can feel good about your purchase while identifying brands and products that align with your values. Vote with your dollar!


Parabens, PEGs, Sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, Mineral oils, Petrolatum, Synthetic colors? That’s gonna be a hard no from us, y’all. All products you’ll find on Troupe have our Safe Science badge of approval so you can rest easy knowing they’ll be good for you and the environment. The status quo has got to go.

Womxn Owned Badge

Mass beauty has been narrated and dictated by men for far too long, y’all. From a lack of accessible funding to womxn businesses, to social stigmas associated with womxn in leadership roles, we highlight womxn owned businesses so you can support where it’s needed the most.

POC Owned@2x

When we talk about womxn owned, it’s crucial to acknowledge that people of color have even less access to traditional funding resources. We highlight brands that are made by people of color, for the needs of people of color (but the cool thing is, these brands are usually created for everyone, instead of an afterthought).

Cruelty Free Badge

There are a lot of definitions for “cruelty free” out there, but here’s ours. Cruelty free means the products you find on Troupe have never been tested on animals. We love beauty, but we believe no animals should suffer so we can get our skincare fix. We think you’ll agree.


Our impact on the environment happens at every touchpoint. Reef Safe is a seal of approval that means what you use what won’t damage our oceans. Deteriorating coral reefs are an unfortunate side-effect of many sunscreens and skin care products. Swim safe knowing you’re being mindful of the environment.

Vegan Badge

Animal byproducts are so ingrained in our day-to-day lives that it’s hard to know what comes from our furry friends and what doesn’t when it’s disguised in Latin names. With the Troupe Vegan badge, you can bet yer butt that we’ve done that research for you.

Mindful shopping.

Contrary to popular belief, beauty products don’t have to be expensive to be effective. There are so many remarkable brands coming out with killer, innovative products that are also mindful of your pocketbook. Plus, we think it would be pretty lame to talk about financial empowerment while also trying to slang beauty products that break the bank which is why most products you’ll find on Troupe will be less than $50. What should you do with all that money you’re saving? Invest it, duh!

More than a pretty face.

Troupe x Adam Rindy July 2019
Troupe x Adam Rindy July 2019

Beauty alone isn't gonna cut it anymore

Why can we talk about our skincare routine with abandon but the mention of money riddles us with anxiety? Are our 10-step skincare routines financially sustainable? Why do we always feel the need to buy more to be enough? We're super sick of aspirational beauty standards and feeling shame when it comes to talking about money which is why we're building a community of Scouts so we can discuss what it means to live a beautiful life, together.

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We want you to be able to talk about money as candidly as you do about your skincare routine. Shop beauty. Meet Scouts. Talk shop.

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