Apple cider vinegar sounds inviting because it has everyone’s favorite non-alcoholic holiday drink in the name. Why wouldn’t something that sounds so cozy also be a lovely multitasking beauty formula? The sweetness in the miracle elixir comes from the fact that it is partly made from juice squeezed out of apples, then it’s mixed with bacteria (you know, the good bacteria), and yeast so it ferments.

Stef-Estep Gozalo is an actor, writer, producer, podcaster, bartender, and #Founding500 Scout living in Los Angeles, California. We chatted with Stef about financial security, checking society’s boxes, healthcare, her experience with beauty as a Latinx immigrant, and more. Stef hosts and produces a true-crime podcast called “Close to Home” that will be released later this year. The show centers around the crimes that take place in our

I’m not sure what stage of quarantine cooking you’re at, but I’m at “throw everything in a pot and put garlic on it.” It’s awful! But, I’m relieved to discover that the same technique yields a much better result when applied to masks!  If you’re looking to have an at home spa day, or just finally ran out of the mask that cost you way too much,

According to a 2019 Experian Consumer Debt Study, the average Gen Z has $9,593 in debt. The average Millennial has $78,396. Big numbers, then even bigger numbers.  If you’re looking for a glimmer of hope, just know that consumers with the highest FICO credit scores, also hold the highest amount of debt in the United States. Think about it, if providers see that you’re an excellent candidate to

If you’re still washing your hair in quarantine as much as you were PC (pre-COVID 19), you either have a job (hold on tight!) or you have a Zoom crush from playing too many late nights of Quiplash. And to those people, I challenge you to try just a little bit less, and lean into the carefree life of dry shampoo.  This life affords you the appearance


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