14 People Answer "What Does It Mean To Live A Beautiful Life?"

14 People Answer "What Does It Mean To Live A Beautiful Life?"


Dan | Houston, Texas


"To always be true to yourself as you continually change, grow and rediscover yourself until you turn back into the elements of the universe."

Kristi | Santa Monica, California

“Living a beautiful life is about knowing what you want and going after it, unapologetically. The problem is, life is designed to confuse you about that thing you want most—cutting through the clutter is an exercise is leaning into your intuition and doing the difficult work of empowering yourself when no one else will...In a similar vein, I recently heard someone say, a life well lived is about finding your unique gift and using it in service of the thing that you want most. That’s what I’m leaning into right now, understanding the nuances of that gift. Rumor has it your gifts are closely tied to the things you love doing and the things that energize you most. I’m considering a year long social experiment in which, if I don’t love it, I don’t do it. This will leave laundry, dishes and anything domestic 100% off the table which could prove a bit problematic but hey...#YOLO so, you might as well get it right.”


Rene | Los Angeles, California

“Ok....short form: to me, living a beautiful means living without fear, specifically of ever being in a place where I can’t afford the bare necessities; health care, gas, food. Id still be ok with fearing failure or the unknown, but I’d love to exist in a world where even if that happens, I know I’ll be ok. A beautiful life would look like the promise and reality of stability with my finances and mental health, maybe a house one day and a family, maybe just a plot of land surrounded by my friends. A beautiful life looks like traveling to new places without the anguish of “having to go home/ back to work” — I’d love to enjoy my time away and be happy to come home. A beautiful to me, looks like me seeing everything I want right now, not just in my head, but in front of me and tangible and executed well and published...I think this is called following your dreams and working hard, but I’m just not there yet. A beautiful life is long with lessons and magic, some pain, but mostly doing things for other people while also taking care of myself. A beautiful life might include a vintage VW bus in cherry red, with an electric engine and a small fridge for beer to drink when I’ve arrived wherever I’m going. A beautiful life is a hike in shoes that aren’t worn down, dinner with organic ingredients, good wine, laughter around a table and a movie. What does living a beautiful life mean to me? It’s doing what I can with the time I’ve got because tomorrow isn’t promised and I can’t afford to think otherwise.”


Emily | Boulder, Colorado

"TO ME living a beautiful life means balanced mutual support between myself, people, and the environment. It means giving as much love as possible to not only the people I interact with but also the people who have taught me what it means to fight for a just and equitable world. It means living in harmony with the environment by fighting for systems and services that are not extractive and destructive to the earth which has provided so much life for us. It means believing in abundance by way of seeing that limits and borders are constructs created by society." 


Jamal | Reno, Nevada

"To me, there are so many small things that are beautiful about life that we often don't honor or take the time to recognize in our day to day. Living a beautiful life means that you acknowledge - and even explore - all of the quirks, gnarled edges, and contradictions that make life both difficult and exciting. I believe that a beautiful life begins with knowing that you are beautiful regardless of the way that others try to minimize you or invalidate you. I believe that living a beautiful life means living a life full of beauty."

Yaz | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Living a beautiful life means living a life with love, kindness, and an open mind. I would like to say though that none of these things have to be done gracefully. That’s what makes life so great. It’s what helps us learn. It’s heartbreak, it’s disappointment. Those things happen. But if we use love when those things happen, then it’s because we truly put so much of ourselves into something. I think living a beautiful life doesn’t look anything like what a lot of us think it would, it’s so much more lopsided and awkward and we mess up a lot. But it’s important to keep that open mind because we will be receivers of more, new, and alternative possibilities.

I’ve seen recently a lot on social media of making your 5 year old self proud. Maybe that doesn’t mean that you’re an astronaut or lawyer like you wanted to be, but it means being a person who cares about others and learns from their mistakes, always trying to be better, and taking time to be a part of the community around us — a community that hopefully we are helping to build and nurture. 

When I moved to Austin, it was an exciting challenge that I embraced with my whole heart and barely 72 hours experience in the city. I packed up everything and embarked on an extremely tumultuous journey. It was only one-upped by my job as a field organizer as one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. I complained. I had disappointments, but I came to realize that I was constantly learning and growing more than I could have ever expected. I am so proud of me. I’m so proud of who I’m becoming, learning to love and be kinder and do those really fucking hard things because I know that it’s comes from a really genuine place. I can’t wait to take this momentum with me to create community, to start up a company maybe one day, and to raise a family. I think a part of me is sometimes worried with a. question like this that i will have an immediate urge to talk about the materialistic aspects of life, having all of the best makeup and bras. But I never do. Because I know that a beautiful life is way more fulfilling than an aesthetically pleasing shopping cart could ever be"


Michelle | Austin, Texas

"Living a beautiful life is spending time with your loved ones. It’s laughing until you cry. It’s falling in love. It’s knowing you are capable of doing hard things. It’s making mistakes but learning from them. It’s a glass of wine... better yet a bottle of wine. It’s seeing life through the eyes of a child. It’s having extremely difficult conversations. It’s dancing your heart out. It’s being different and embracing it. It’s cuddling with your dog. It’s sushi. It’s nature. It’s traveling the world to learn new things. It’s crying so hard that you feel numb. It’s childhood memories of bbq and swimming until I turned purple. It’s resilience in the face of adversity. It’s patience. It’s being kind to everyone even when people aren’t always kind to you. It’s being wrong, often. It’s going through heartbreak. It’s meeting new people. Its helping everyone. Its smiling. It’s building a family. You see... I can go on and on. Living a beautiful life to me is merely just living your unique life. Writing your own story and sharing it with those around you. You’re gonna live the best days of your life and you’re gonna live some of the the worst days of your life but it’s the experience along with each and every person that has been along your journey that makes life beautiful."

Chelsea | Los Angeles, California

"I think living a beautiful life means living your most authentic life unapologetically. Everyone is different, so whatever brings a person happiness and peace, they should do so with no regrets, as long as it doesn’t inflict pain or harm to other people’s lives.

I also think another part of it is having an open mind and learning from all different aspects of your life (convos with people that come from different backgrounds, experiences, travels, etc) so you continuously grow as a person and into the self you were meant to be."

Amber | Reno, Nevada

"A beautiful life for me is all about my people. It is having the space to care and be cared for. It is having the patience to love and be loved. Unconditionally. Including loving myself. Loving Ourselves!

My answer would’ve been different at the beginning of this year. I thought self-love centered around a lot of exterior factors. But I am so happy for the perspective + ability to change.

A beautiful life is a simple one. It’s the company you keep. The ones that love you for all the good stuff inside and appreciate the outside in all it’s variations."


Katie | Brooklyn, New York

"Pulled pork and penetration and being the center of attention.

But if that’s too crude:

Living a beautiful life to me means having fun 97% of the time and laughing a shit ton and also me being the center of attention."


Nicole | Miami, Florida

I wrote this but I can build upon it: For me a beautiful life is living outside the box or norm while maintaining organization. I can be my authentic self and design my life how I want it if my surroundings are clean / kept.

Krista | Reno, Nevada

I would say it means really being able to have it all.  You work really hard and you might not have the most family time, but the time you do have with them is intentional and present. 

A life where the only person you try to impress is yourself. A life where the impact you make on the world is more important than anything else you accomplish.

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