2021 Is The Year Of The Face Mist

2021 Is The Year Of The Face Mist

I like to refer to myself as an early adopter. When it comes to clothes, makeup, and skincare, I’ll generally try anything before there’s any evidence of it actually being worth it. For years though, I saw facial mists sitting on my friend’s counters and always wondered why they would waste their money on such a pointless skincare product.

It all changed one day with a youtube video on my constant quest to be sorta-ok at applying my makeup. The simple recommendation of applying a face mist to a beauty blender when applying make up has changed my life. You can’t stop be now. I don’t want to be stopped. I’ve become the person who has a facial mist in every bag and one for different days that my skin needs different things. 

Maybe you’ve already been this person, in that case, I’m impressed. If you’re not on board yet, hear me out because this might change your life too. 

They’re multi-use

I always imagined using facial mists throughout the day and never really found it that appealing to spritz my fully-made up face with a moisturizer during the day at work. I had never considered to use them for anything other than that. I’ve adopted facial mists on days that I want to skip toner and think of them now as an essence. 

I have combination skin and sometimes it’s dry as hell. So I consistently require a full face of moisturizer, but by using mists that are specifically formulated to hydrate, Calm + Collected by Rael is my favorite for this, I’m able to add in an additional layer of hydration full of nutrients that are missing from my go-to moisturizer. On days that acne is an issue, my pre-treatment mist is Blume’s Stargirl in order to help me calm irritated and red breakouts. 

On top of using them as a toning essence, they really did change my make up application game. By dampening my foundation brushes and makeup sponges, I’ve found a new way to achieve a dewier skin look and also keep my skin more hydrated throughout the day. 

Beyond my face, I also use them in my hair to relieve kinks and alleviate whatever the heck it is that i do to my hair when i sleep. Using them on dry spots on your body too - you’re welcome.  

They’re a great pick me up

Ok this is where I talked shit on other people before but I get it now. Sometimes there’s nothing that makes you feel more alive than spritzing on a fine-misting facial mist throughout the day. I highly recommend Rosen’s Rosewater Face Dew. I look for exceptionally fine-mists when it comes to the refresh mist because we can’t be breaking up our make up and letting our eyeliner over here bleed. Plus, rosewater is known to soothe and plump, so it helps for that mid-day sallow from whatever it is that managed to set me off for two minutes and caused a lasting impact on my face. 

They’re a great way to deliver ingredients throughout the day

This goes back to the last two points but I can’t stress it enough, different facial mists do different things. They allow ingredients to be consistently delivered to your face when it needs it most, without the inconvenience of having to take off all of your makeup. Let’s face it, sometimes you just can’t wash your face at 2pm because it’s dried out. You have meetings. You’re busy! But you can still give your skin what it needs to be healthy and glowing until you can get to the bathroom sink. 

With all that being said, stay hydrated and nourished out there in 2021 folks.

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