5 Reasons You'll Love Rael Beauty

5 Reasons You'll Love Rael Beauty

To start things off, you might already be familiar with Rael outside of skincare. We were introduced to the brand with fem-care products that were known for being organic and safe for us. Using their expertise and tlc towards product creation, they gave us something that we didn’t know we needed: skincare. 

Founded by womxn, for womxn, Rael’s line up is intended to nourish, hydrate, and restore skin that’s been ravaged by the effects of hormones. You’ve experienced that awkward time of the month where skin is habitually dull and sallow. Yeah, that’s what Rael is here to defeat. 

Here are five reasons we love them, and why you might too:

1. They set your skin up for maximum hydration

Hyaluronic Acid is a commonly known ingredient but are you using it to its’ full effect? Rael has created a solution for just that. Their proprietary H30 Hyaluronic Acid Complex with Fullerene delivers 172 times the power of Vitamin C and is used in nearly all of their formulations. Our favorite way to give our skin what it needs is Glow Chemistry. Not only does it hydrate go to work on patchy dry spots, it helps fight dullness and protects against chemical stressors that add to speed up aging, acne, and skin stress.


2. They’re products are made for all skin types

Rael’s formulas are intended to be used by anyone with skin. They’re gentle enough for sensitive skin but strong enough to deliver nutrients that all skin types need. We love them especially for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin because they provide enough hydration to prevent additional sebum creation. 

On top of hydration, they also create products that help solve targeted skin problems like redness, hyperpigmentation or treating breakouts. Lighten Up is our favorite example of this because not only does it help heal breakouts with the power of cica, but it also helps reduce redness. We love using it on dark spots as well. 


3. They work great together but are strong enough to be used on their own

Whether you’re curating a skincare routine made up entirely of Rael items or mix and matching like so many of us do, the Rael products deliver. Because of their power-house ingredient H3O, you can expect lasting hydration throughout the day regardless of what you use. If you’re keeping your skincare routine simple and using only one or two products, they help cut down the steps in your routine. 


4. They kick acne’s ass

People often think that acne means you shouldn’t be hydrating your skin. The reality is, by depriving your skin of hydration, you often create more issues when it comes to increased oil production. Rael’s items restore skin’s balance in order to keep your complexion clear. Whether it’s a breakout your treating with Lighten Up or daily skin maintenance with a moisturizer, Calm + Collected is our favorite for on the go moisture. Rael helps to keep acne at bay. 


5. They’re the definition of affordable luxury

From packaging to formula, Rael has created a line of skincare products that keep skin healthy without breaking the bank and the pang of guilt that sometimes comes along with skincare purchases. 

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