Best Moisturizers For Oily & Combination Skin

Best Moisturizers For Oily & Combination Skin

Oily skin can oftentimes feel like a wet blanket. Literally. Streaking across our face, separating our make up or causing unwanted breakouts. Oily skin often leaves us feeling heavy and sometimes a little dirty.


Oily skin folks have been forced to become resourceful. Pre-COVID when we had the luxury of being out in the world, we’d become resourceful - making blotting sheets out of whatever was around us - toilet paper seat covers, pieces of white printing paper, half-used Chipotle napkins, nothing was off-limits.


However, there are times when you come to realize that there is a solution to the thing that gives us as much stress as sebum production does. That with a little TLC and some thoughtful ingredients, we can, in fact, become the masters of our own oil production-destiny.


Consistency in any skincare routine is key to whatever problem you’re trying to solve. As for oily and combination skin, it’s easy to skip the step that’s intended to replenish moisture. Repeat after me, avoiding moisture doesn’t solve the problem, it only makes it worse.


Here are our picks for moisturizers that leave skin feeling nourished rather than stripped, avoiding the sick cycle of too much sebum production.

Radiate Face Jelly by Base Butter

This water-like gel moisturizers are often a practical solution to an oily complexion. They tend to absorb matte and leaves little trace that anything was ever there, all while delivering the nutrients your skin needs in order to be bright and healthy. This one is no different.

Radiate Face Jelly is formulated to tackle a few different skin issues and manage skin’s PH levels which generally lays within a range of 4.7 and 5.75. Once you’ve fallen out of this range, you’ll often see excess oil production and other skin issues arise.

It soothes with aloe, so irritated skin gets the tender loving care it needs to not want to overcorrect and throw itself into a tissy fit of oily rage. At the same time, omega-6 fatty acids help keep skin plump, full and primed for sunscreen.

Troupe Base Butter Radiate Face Jelly Balancing Daily Aloe Gel Moisturizer
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Koa Daily Moisturizer

Koa is a brand that prides itself on being low-maintenance. Everything from the packaging to the formulas is meant to enable you to live with ease and know that what you’re using is safe for you and safe for the environment. While their SPF is a best-seller, their Daily Moisturizer might be one of the most underestimated products in their line up.


This creamy cleanser is formulated with hyaluronic acid to deliver hydration and green tea to block out free radicals that inevitably complicate your skin’s health and clarity. Plant-derived glycerin helps this moisturizer absorb quickly without leaving behind greasy residue for all-day hydration.


It’s on the heavier side, but we notice that it’s still weightless. Sometimes combination skin can benefit from more of a cream-based formula for extra moisture. While this product doesn’t specifically target sebum production at the source, it’s a safe bet that will deliver what your skin needs without creating more oil with its’ use.

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Rael Calm + Collected Moisture Mist

I mean this when I say it, just because your skin is oily, doesn’t mean you should avoid using a moisturizer. While you don’t need to use a traditional one in the form of a cream or gel, a great alternative is mists.


Rael’s Calm + Collected is a lightweight moisturizer that can be applied on clean skin or even as a pick-me-up throughout the day while you’re still wearing makeup (feels great after a good blotting session). It’s formulated with H30, Rael’s proprietary hyaluronic acid complex so you’re replacing moisture through the fine mist.


In addition to moisturizing, Calm + Collected also soothes. The calmer your skin is, the less likely it is to resort to oil production as a means to overcome irritation from washing and using too many skincare products.


Added bonus, use this mist as an essence on days you need a heavier moisturizer and put that H30 complex to work.

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