Confessions of a Beauty Company Co-Founder with a Lazy Skincare Routine

Confessions of a Beauty Company Co-Founder with a Lazy Skincare Routine

I know the irony here, I’m the co-founder of a skincare company that rarely wants to wash her face, stresses out when having to add in a new product to her routine, and would prefer to do just the bare minimum when it comes to a skincare routine. Being stuck at home, I don’t have the luxury of saying “I don’t have time for a complete skincare routine.” The reality is, I do - I just don’t care about making things more complicated, so I adhere to the whims of how I feel that day.


I will note this - I’ve washed my face and moisturized (almost) every night since I was probably 14. We’ve got more than a decade of squeaky clean, moisturized goodness on this mug, so shout to my mom for reinforcing this. It wasn’t until I started working in the beauty industry that I got passionate about skincare and all the things that it could do for us and affordable prices.


With that being said, how do you cut down your routine, while getting your skin all the things that it needs? Don’t let them guilt you into a ten-step routine unless that’s what you want.


Skin type: Combination, acne-prone, sensitive skin with eczema


Time for routine: 3-5 minutes


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Alright, folks, we have a banger. While the price tag on this item might look like a pretty penny, it’s worth every cent. This product is reverting to your mom’s shared bathroom shower purchase days, but in a chic, beautifully formulated way. This product is a creamy gel-like makeup remover, face wash, body wash, and even shampoo. The perfect item to leave in your shower or on your sink.


I never skip a cleanse morning or night. I honestly can’t sleep if I have makeup on my face (a blessing and a curse), so you can catch me frequently huddled over the sink doing a bare-minimum scrub in circular-upward motions that would probably get a “C+” in any skincare class. I scrub for probably 15 seconds (try to catch me doing this for a full minute), splash enough water on to remove reside and soap, then pat dry with a towel that, to be completely transparent, I should probably swap out more frequently.


The fragrance of The Wash is a bergamot dream. As a fun fact about cleansers, the fragrance that’s generally put into them has stronger bursts of scent for a shorter lifespan. So you get to enjoy the smell while you’re in the act, rather than building fragrance upon fragrance. This product is exactly that.



Toning is good for several reasons that you’re probably already familiar with - it helps set skin up for maximum skincare absorption and also acts as a final sweep of removing makeup and grime. While I don’t always use it for the latter, I do tend to use it primarily for skincare prep. I love the way it leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated.


Several targeted toners help even out skin tone, I decide on a whim what my skin needs that day. I have melasma around my eyes and am always trying to heal the ghost of a former breakout. I switch between Rosen’s Gold Tides Toner for the days I need some gentle exfoliation to rid my face of dark spots and Herbal Dynamics Rose Water Facial Toner for days I want to soften and hydrate.


I love Rose Water Face Toner for a major reason - it has a spray pump. This means you can spray it on skin, then follow with a cotton pad or towel without losing tons of product to the cotton pad. It’s formulated with Hyaluronic Acid which helps deliver hydration because my skin suffers from chronic dryness even though I live in a sub-tropical climate that somehow depletes my skin, rather than restoring hydration.


Chamomile helps to calm and soothe, which my eczema requires of me on a daily basis. This leaves behind a brighter complexion and tighter pores.

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It’s easy to get caught up on the “treatment” train. Serums provide an intense delivery of essential goodness for skin that helps solve specific problems. What I’m usually working on solving - dryness, discoloration, dullness. As I call it, the Three D’s.


While I’ll choose what I need at that point in the day, sometimes I opt for a more simple solution. In this case, Rosen’s Rose Water Face Dew. This is another one of those “two in one” products that we know and love. I use it prior to moisturizing or throughout the day on top of my makeup after I’ve dabbed off that pesky oil with a (let’s be real here) a piece of toilet paper rather than blotting sheets.


Rose Water Face dew quickly absorbs into the skin, delivering fatty acids that plump and smooth out wrinkles, along with rosehip oil which softens and adds a bouncy glow. Remember y’all, we’re going for quick here! That’s what this product does.


I’m not a confessed oil girl. I don’t particularly enjoy using them. They tend to leave my skin feeling greasy and unruly when it comes to makeup application, but I’ve found some hacks that let my skin benefit from the goodness that is oils. If your skin wants it but you’re avoiding that dewy-makeup look, reserve it for the night or you can consider skipping the moisturizer. I however am a moisturizer nut case, so I’ve learned to mix in oils with my daily moisturizer, which helps deliver all the benefits while absorbing into my skin a little more quickly than it normally would on its own.


Freck’s Lil Prick Cactus Seed Dry Serum is another one of these hacks. As a human, you can be many things, as a serum, you can also be many things (deep thoughts with Jillian). This serum is more oil-based, but rich in Vitamins A and E which help firm and even out skin tone. It’s also formulated with Prickly Pear Seed which is rich in linoleic acid aka free-radical fighting for UV rays, pollution, and those times you can’t stop touching your face before you’ve washed your hands.


I pair this up with a cream moisturizer because we are all about efficiency, people! Specifically with another Prickly Pear hero; Herbal Dynamics Beauty Prickly Pear Moisturizer which has a secret superpower known as squalane. While Hyaluronic Acid delivers hydrations and plumps skin cells, it isn’t known for keeping it there. Squalane helps lock in all of the vitamins and minerals from all the work you’ve done up to this point.


The moral of the story, don’t be afraid to mix them together and play around with different oils and serums. Going for two at once helps cut down routine time and deliver similar results (unless they tell you otherwise on the product, ok?).

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You. Need. The. Screen. Even if you’re sitting indoors, sunlight is still coming through those windows. I know you’re going on walks to the mailbox or even joyriding to places with no real destination in mind with the sun hitting the left side of your face, but this is something that should be taken seriously.


I am obsessed with Koa’s Anti-Pollution SPF 45+ in both tinted and invisible. The anti-pollution piece here is very special - it’s free-radical fighting for skin, but also doesn’t pollute the ocean or any bodies of water that you might be dipping in, preventing unseen and irreversible damage.

Its mineral-based serum-like formula absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving behind a greasy residue or a white cast. Plus it’s packed with Bisabolol to soothe, calm, and restore skin, and Niacinamide to brighten skin tone and tighten pores. So many benefits that you’ll want to reapply.


While the Invisible formula gets the job done, the Tinted formula is the next level. The formula adjusts to any skin tone, including melanated skin. It helps filter out UVA/UVB rays while smoothing out dark spots or even out skin tone discoloration with a super subtle tint.

The moral of the story - don’t let 10 step skincare routines guilt you or lead you to believe that what you do isn’t good enough. You decide the effort you want to put in and what you need to keep your sanity.

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