Meet The Austin Renaissance Womxn With The Most Impeccable Taste

Meet The Austin Renaissance Womxn With The Most Impeccable Taste

We’re not sure when we started following Hannah on the gram (@happyhannahkkuh), but her photos kept popping up in our feed. One day we were like, “Damn, this girl really does have it all.” She’s a model/photographer/musician/stylist hybrid apart of the dynamic creative scene in Austin, Texas. Originally from Vermont, Hannah was candid about her parents’ relationship with money and how she’s learning from their mistakes today while also trying to be a little kinder to herself in the process.

CHELSIE: Hi, Hannah! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today. Tell me about yourself.

HANNAH: That’s always the hardest question. Like I don’t know myself like I’m not me every day. Haha. My name is Hannah Lasure. I’m 24. I’m a model, photographer, and musician based in Austin, Texas. Those are the hobbies that I do for money as well, but also I really love them. I’m interested in a lot of things. I guess I’m a multifaceted person. I feel like every month there’s something new that I’m interested in. One of the biggest ways that I express myself is beauty and fashion. Even if I’m just going to the store, you know what I mean? You can still kind of bum it but make it look really cute. You know what I mean? Put on a little blush or a little bit of freckles and stuff.

CHELSIE: Are you a self-taught photographer and musician?

HANNAH: I started playing music when I was In elementary school. I played saxophone for eight years. Super lame.

CHELSIE: No, it’s not! My brother plays the saxophone. He’s very cool.

HANNAH: My dad made me, so that’s probably why I think it’s lame because I was forced. But other than that, I moved to Vermont when I was 19 and there I taught myself how to play ukulele and guitar. And then I started taking vocal lessons and now I play a little bit of keyboard too. And I also taught myself photography. I was modeling first for a year and I started getting interested in styling and creative directing and doing set design and stuff. And I wanted to do it, but I just never really found the right time. But I went to Marfa with my friends and a year ago. Have you ever been to Marfa?

CHELSIE: I’ve been twice. Our friend from Marfa was visiting this weekend.

HANNAH: I love Marfa. Yeah. And my friends were taking pictures on these little film cameras and they let me try. I just loved it immediately. I’ve been doing it for a little bit over a year now.

CHELSIE: So you used to play the saxophone but what do you do now for music?

HANNAH: I sing and play guitar and a little bit of ukulele. I’m trying to get back into the keys. And I also used to play drums too. It was on the drumline in high school. Um, so I’m trying to do that too. Like I said earlier, I cannot decide on any one thing. I’m always trying to do everything, but singing and guitar are most important to me right now.

CHELSIE: Are you a Pisces?

HANNAH: Everyone asks tha that’s so funny. No, I’m a Virgo sun and moon, and I’m an Aries rising.

CHELSIE: Whoa, that’s some heavy Virgo energy. You’re critical huh? I’m a Virgo, and I’m saying that because I’m very critical of myself. So speaking from experience.

HANNAH: Me too! What’s your moon and your rising?

CHELSIE: My moon is in Aquarius, so I’m pretty aloof or withdrawn sometimes. And my rising sign is Scorpio. Do you have a job to pay your bills or does modeling and being a musician and a photographer supplement your income?

HANNAH: Well, I have a day job for like three more days. Shoutout coronavirus. But yeah, right now for my job, I work for a vinyl company. It’s a music sharing service on vinyl. So we mail people vinyl records every month based on what they enjoy listening to and what genres they’re into. It’s called Vinyl Monkey. It’s based in Austin. I also was based in a hotel here and we put record players and speakers and all the rooms. And I had a vinyl library of a few thousand vinyls and guests would just tell me what they liked. I’d make a little bag and they could listen to vinyl in their room and stuff. It was really cool, but that got put on a pause now because of coronavirus and then I’ve been working remotely for them. Modeling and photography and everything is money for me on the side.

CHELSIE: What hotel?

HANNAH: The Otis Hotel. It just got built on MLK.

CHELSIE: Did they open this year?

HANNAH: Yeah, we were only open for a month and a half before COVID stuff started happening.

CHELSIE: Ah, that sucks. I heard about y’all. Are you furloughed tomorrow?

HANNAH: Yeah, on Friday. but it do be like that sometimes. 2020 the year of just trying to go with the flow, I guess.

CHELSIE: When did you move to Austin?

HANNAH: I moved to Austin three years ago from Vermont. I love it here. Obviously, every city can be doing better when it comes to inclusivity and things like that, but I feel everyone here is supportive. I don’t know if you have experienced that at all but I’ve been to New York and California and even just going to Dallas or Houston… everyone’s really cut-throat and super competitive and stuff, but in Austin, everyone genuinely wants to see you succeed and they’re willing to help and teach. I’ve just never experienced that anywhere. That’s why I was able to do all of the creative things that I do here because I had a community to uplift me.

CHELSIE: How do you feel about personal finances? Do you talk about them? Do you have a retirement fund? Are you saving for retirement?

HANNAH: No, I don’t have a retirement fund. I used to be better about saving. When I was working from 15 to 19 I was really great at it and I was saving to buy a house. And then when I moved here, I spent it all. I don’t know how it happened, which is usually how it goes when you spend all your savings. I wasn’t living paycheck to paycheck, but I was living out of my means kind of. You know what I mean? You start making more money and you’re like, I’m going to go shopping or I’m going to buy a new car instead of, I need to be saving or I need to be putting more money towards a house and not throwing away, for my apartment rent every month, you know? And so this year was finally the year where I was working on getting myself out of debt. Now all I have left is a small amount of student loans, shout out, but my credit card is paid off. I paid off my car. But then yeah, coronavirus. So now I don’t know what is going to be happening with me financially. I did grow up poor. I have six siblings and my mom was a stay at home mom. My dad was the person who worked and my dad was also drowning in debt until very recently, like a couple of years. And even still he doesn’t own his own house, you know what I mean? I learned from his mistakes a little bit, but yeah, I don’t really usually talk about it and I am still not doing as well with my money as I should be.

CHELSIE: Do you not talk about money because it feels taboo or do you feel shame talking about money? I’ve felt a lot of shame. I’m talking from my experience. My parents didn’t talk about it and they never educated me because they had no idea how to. The way that I dealt with that or even topics such as sexual health or asking questions about those things, I just felt so much shame. So I just didn’t talk about it.

HANNAH: Like you said, how you feel you’re critical. I’m also critical. So even when I am doing well. Oh, I am getting myself out of debt, I feel all of this shame and regret for not having big savings right now. You know what I mean?

CHELSIE: Well, you’re doing a great job. You don’t need to feel shame or regret. What are your current favorite beauty products?

HANNAH: I love milk makeup. I’m really into the dewy look. I’ve used a lot of foundations where they’re super powdery and I don’t like feeling crusty or getting those lines under my eyes and stuff. I’m about that nice shiny look. They have great products too for when you do want to go bare face. They have this blush roller too. And you can just tap it in and it looks like you’re just flushed from the sun. I also like e.l.f. because it’s affordable and a lot of their stuff is really good. I use their brow liner and their brow gel and some of their lip liners and stuff.

CHELSIE: What are your top three free favorite albums?

HANNAH: Oh no. That’s hard. I guess there are some albums that I never get tired of. I don’t know that they’re necessarily my favorite, but I do love them and I can always put them on. Control by SZA. I never get tired of that. 99.9% by Kaytranada. That’s also a really good album and you can jam to it or it can just be background music. Right now I’m really into Nick Hakim and Steve Lacy. Steve Lacy released the album, Apollo XXI. And then for Nick Hakim, I like the Green Twins album.

CHELSIE: What self-love advice would you give to yourself and other folks?

HANNAH: Be patient with yourself. Take everyday day by day. I overthink personally, I’m critical and I overthink and it’s just not healthy. To love yourself, first of all, you have to be patient with and forgive yourself. Also, be the best version of yourself that you can be every day instead of worrying about the future or getting stuck in the past and holding onto all this guilt that isn’t serving you anymore. Do the best that you can do today. And don’t get stuck on what you could have done better. It’s important to feel that and acknowledge it and learn your little lessons. But don’t harbor those feelings of guilt and just do the best you can every day and then move on.

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