Meet The Brooklyn Based Song Seductress & Scout We're Obsessed With

Meet The Brooklyn Based Song Seductress & Scout We're Obsessed With


Courtnie Henson aka King Courtnie is magnetic, and we've never even met her #irl. Her personal style is that of someone who clearly has a strong, vibrant sense of self and inspires those around her — both digitally and physically  to allow themselves to bloom into the person they've always wanted to be as she has done so impeccably.

This Brooklyn based R&B maven has been featured in the likes of BET, Vogue, Folklore, and her latest single "What's Up" has more than 50k views on YouTube. Not only is Courtnie an exceptionally talented artist but she's also a motivated activist, celebrating Black womxn every day. 

We're so very lucky to have Courtnie as a Scout, and you can peep her fave products here. Use the code COURTNIE to give credit where credit is due and for 10% off your first order, angel. 


CHELSIE: What's your wellness routine look like?  

COURTNIE: I try my best to do a daily physical activity from jogging to biking to yoga to dance + drink a ton of water, and a cup of tea always helps me to relax as well. I also mask weekly!

CHELSIE: How do you take care of yourself while building a career as a badass artist?  

COURTNIE: These days I've been setting firmer boundaries in my relationships and taking more time to be alone, and it's been amazing. Spending time getting to know myself as an adult and loving on myself with books, Girlfriends reruns, playlists, etc. has been a dream 

CHELSIE: What's your favorite skincare step? 

COURTNIE: Definitely my Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence by Fresh Beauty! It's the most refreshing cool splash after a warm shower

CHELSIE: Who inspires you creatively?  

COURTNIE: My friends for sure, my roommates are a chef and a dancer, and a ton of my closest friends have the most incredible businesses that inspire me everyday from workout collectives for millennial women to sustainable clothing lines! My dad and his extensive record collection inspire me too, as well as all the incredible women artists I look up to like Beyonce and Rihanna.

CHELSIE: Top 5 favorite music artists?  

COURTNIE: Beyonce, Rihanna, Solange, Drake, Jill Scott. I'd also like to say Beyonce again!

CHELSIE: We talk a lot about financial wellness at Troupe. What are some things you do to maintain your sanity when it comes to money? 

COURTNIE: Financial conversations are really tough, and I'm fortunate enough to be in a moderately comfortable financial situation. However, sometimes it can feel like a dark cloud over my head when I've been overspending, but in addition to practicing restraint after spending a large amount I often meditate to maintain my sanity. 

CHELSIE: What was your caregivers'/parents' relationship with money? How has it impacted your relationship with money? 

COURTNIE: My dad in particular was always incredibly diligent with managing our family budget and instilling good principles in me. I think he and my mother both taught that respecting my money means I respect myself, and that greed now will only harm me in the long run. They also taught me the importance of not trying to compete with those around me, and to prioritize the way my finances look behind the scenes rather than showing off.

CHELSIE: If you could give your 15 year old self any advice, what would you say? 

COURTNIE: I'd ask her to tell her 27 year-old self to stay disciplined haha.

CHELSIE: 5 things you're grateful for today?  

COURTNIE: My loved ones, my mental and physical health, music, financial soundness.

Listen to Courtnie's music here: 

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