The Cleanser That Lightens Hyperpigmentation & Smoothes Skin

Podium Spotlight: Rosen's Super Smoothie Cleanser

I rarely experience a skincare product that feels like something completely new, but Rosen's Super Smoothie Cleanser does exactly that. Cleansing with Super Smoothie feels literally like washing your face with a smoothie which sounds bizarre in text but is quite lovely in practice. Unlike most face cleansers, this formula doesn't foam but miraculously leaves your skin with that divine so fresh and so clean feeling (despite a lifetime of marketing that has taught me that bubbles = the only way you say bye to grime).


What is it: Daily use cleanser


Helps with: Acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, oil control, and pore size


How much does it cost: $18


Superstar ingredients:


  • Strawberry Powder: Contains high levels of naturally occurring Vitamin C to brighten dull skin and help lighten scarring
  • Lemon Powder: Helps fade scars, dark marks, and discoloration while brightening skin
  • Raspberry Powder: Known to regulate sebum production levels and smooth skin's texture


About the brand: Rosen is a Black womxn owned brand based in San Luis Obispo, California. Their mission is to normalize acne (bc it is normal) while developing interesting, clean formulas that divert from the cliche approach to acne with buzzword ingredients like salicylic acid.

About my skin

I have oil-slick, acne-prone skin. My acne is 40% hormonal and 60% a result of moderate obsessive compulsive picking tendencies. That is to say, I have a tendency to create problems that don't exist through my obsessions. A character flaw that inevitably bleeds through to other areas of my life, but I'm working on it.


When it comes to my skin, I create problems by picking to a point of no return. My roommates have a habit of yelling "STOP IT, CHELSIE" when I go silent in the bathroom after brushing my teeth, because they know I'm likely massacre-ing my pores on a very micro level looking for any semblance of pimple, blackhead, or perceived blemish.


Additionally, my ADHD translates to my approach to skincare: I try lots of different products regularly and it's difficult for me to stick to just one. That being said, my failure to stick to a specific regimen or singular product to do a singular job often gets the best of me. It's damn near impossible to tell if a product is actually working if it isn't used exclusively and consistently.

Back to Super Smoothie

Super Smoothie is brown with a very lightly chunky-esque texture (just like a smoothie). There are no fragrances in this product but the lemon and strawberry powders lend itself too an ever-so-subtle citrus scent. Full disclosure: one of my friends who used the product and is more apt for skincare that veers towards clinical said that it smelled like dirt to her. I disagree with this sentiment fully but wanted to disclose so my people in the place who aren't privy to products on the natural side of the spectrum are in the know.


But does it work?


The same friend above said her acne scars were significantly lighter after using this cleanser (perceived dirt scent aside). I have found a noticeable difference in my severe hyperpigmentation on my cheeks from obsessive picking at my acne and even my melasma mustache is fading. Additionally, after using Super Smoothie 2x a day for a week, I noticed a significant reduction in how oily my skin was. This is killer for two reasons: 1) my makeup doesn't slide off my face an hour after application and 2) for me, less oil means less breakouts means less opportunity to pick means less acne scarring in the future. Hallelujah.


Basically, Rosen Skincare's Super Smoothie Cleanser absolutely lives up to its promises. Not only does it work, but I thoroughly enjoy using products that rethink the mold for their respective category and Super Smoothie does just that.


One last thing. If you're acne prone and oily like mwah, I recommend pairing them with Break-Out and Tropics Toner for a trifecta of breakout minimizing, oil erasing, scar lightening.



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