The Ultimate Roundup Of Queen Bey's Grammy Red Carpet Looks

The Ultimate Roundup Of Queen Bey's Grammy Red Carpet Looks


Last night Beyonce made history with the most Grammy wins for any woman artist ever. In celebration of Queen B and our undying love for her, we rounded up every Grammy look from her winning years for y'all to marvel in the glory of her status as an icon over the past twenty years.


Beyoncé won her first Grammy ever with Destiny's Child for the iconic banger "Say My Name". She dawned matching fits with Kelly and Michelle in true pop icon fashion. I'm also rly into the early 2000s voluminous blowout vibes and the matching lip gloss (a subtle but important detail).

R&B Song - Say My Name

"You actin' kinda shady
Ain't callin' me baby
Why the sudden change"

- Destiny's Child


Queen Bey blew our minds (especially my pubescent, boy crazy brain) with her first solo album, Dangerously In Love. She showed us just how bright she would shine on her own sans Destiny's Child and introduced us to her romance with Jay Z. Side note, they've been together for 17 years?! This all gold fit matches the 5 Grammys she took home that night and also let's start replicating the fabulousity of this photo pose, y'all.


Contemporary R&B Album - Dangerously In Love

Female R&B Vocal Performance - Dangerously In Love 2

R&B Performance With A Duo - The Closer I Get To You

Rap/Sung Performance - Crazy In Love

R&B Song - Crazy In Love



I'm gonna be real with y'all, I am a huge Beyoncé fan and have been since Destiny's Child hit the scene, but I have never heard of the Grammy winning duet she did with Stevie Wonder in 2006. I'm listening to it rn, and it's softening the Monday scaries that have taken over my body (recommend giving it a couple plays today). But back to this incredibly chic taupe, shoulder bearing gown! Paired with those chandelier earrings, delicate embroidery detail, and glowing skin, she looks absolutely stunning.


R&B Performance With A Duo - So Amazing

"Bye bye sadness
hello mellow
What a wonderful day"

- Beyoncé & Stevie singing my Monday scaries away


Hello silver queen of our dreams! She had 3 outfit changes in 2007, but this is my favorite look from the evening. I'm obsessed with the metallic texture play happening in her gown and those old Hollywood glam waves. This year she won for her second solo studio album, B'Day, featuring the ultimate leave your man and take no shit anthem, "Irreplaceable".


Contemporary R&B Album - B-Day


In 2010, she took home the most Grammys of any other awards show to date totaling in at 6. This was the year of 'Single Ladies' in which you could likely find me and my friends scream singing "if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it" whilst poorly attempting to execute the impeccable choreography from that video. Now let's talk about this look, y'all. The geometric front-zip dress is contemporary and chic, but what I'm most hyped on is the hair tinsel and matching metallic mani!


Song - Single Ladies

R&B Song - Single Ladies

Female Pop Vocal Performance - Halo

Traditional R&B Performance - At Last

Female R&B Vocal Performance - Single Ladies

Contemporary R&B Album - Above & Beyoncé

"I need no permission,
did I mention
Don't pay him any attention
Cause you had your turn and now you gonna learn
What it really feels like to miss me"

- Beyoncé teaching us the joys of moving on


I. Love. Jumpsuits. There's something about taking the freedom of pants and elevating it to a red carpet look is unparalleled in chic-ness. Paired with a bold red lip, this look is timeless and could have been worn last night with the same jaw dropping effect. P.S. I rly love the music video for "Love On Top".


Traditional R&B Vocal Performance - Love On Top


Mermaid waves? Check.

Proenza Schouler mermaid gown? Check.

Insane beaded couture detail? Check.


Surround Sound Album - Beyoncé

R&B Performance - Drunk In Love

R&B Song - Drunk In Love

"I love you deep."

- Beyoncé to Jay Z during her 2015 acceptance speech for Drunk In Love


Beyoncé collaborated with designer, Peter Dundas, on this custom gown drawing inspiration from the track "Love Drought" from her album Lemonade and Oshun, the African goddess of purity, fertility and love. Pregnant and glowing, Queen Bey embodied The Empress from the tarot's Major Arcana: divine and mythical.


Urban Contemporary Album - Lemonade

Music Video - Formation


Before the pandemic changed all of our lives forever, Queen B took to the red carpet dawning a full Venus vibe: floor length statement gown in vibrant red with the sexiest of peekaboo slits showing off those glossed legs. To die for. Also, if you haven't watched her Netflix special "Homecoming" yet, what are you doing with your life?


Music Film - Homecoming

"So I studied my history, I studied my past, and I put every mistake, all of my triumphs–my 22-year career–into my 2-hour Homecoming performance."

- Beyoncé


Last night, Queen Bey made history as the woman with the most Grammy wins ever, and she deserved it ten times over. Not only is a she a remarkable artist with maybe the most staying power of any pop star ever, but she's also an avid activist working for racial equity and using her celebrity status to uplift and celebrate the Black people everywhere. The coolest part for me about last night was the her daughter, Blue Ivy, also won her first grammy. It really was a night to remember.


R&B Performance - Black Parade

Rap Performance - Savage Remix

Rap Song - Savage Remix

Music Video - Brown Skin Girl


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