You Are A Luxury Vehicle, How & Why You Should Include Toner In Your Skincare Routine

You Are A Luxury Vehicle, How & Why You Should Include Toner In Your Skincare Routine

Toners are akin to premium-grade gasoline. You know it’s probably good for you but why complicate things, right? So you go about your day and your driving and your skincare routines sans the extra jolt of octane. But here’s the deal, baby. You are a luxury vehicle, and it’s time you start treating yourself as such. 

Originally created by estheticians to remove extra gunk and grime from skin right after cleansing, the first toner formulas were primarily alcohol-based. Thankfully the toner game has evolved providing a plethora of options sans harsh and drying alcohol for you to choose from. However, toners are still intended to be used as the second step in your skincare regimen to not only remove residue but also to help balance your skin’s pH and prep for better absorption of the rest of your skincare routine. 

Avoid Alcohol 

There should be zero alcohol in whatever toner formula you choose. Alcohol is a great ingredient to have in your hand sanitizer but it is decidedly not great for your face. Alcohol is a drying agent that irritates your skin and makes you more susceptible to breakouts. Get in the practice of reading the ingredient lists of all products you intend to put on your face and stay away from anything that includes isopropyl alcohol, SD alcohol, or denatured alcohol. 

Then there’s also astringents which you may or may not have heard of. Astringents are similar to toners in that they’re used in the second step of your skincare regimen, but they’re typically alcohol-based and marketed towards persons with acne. We recommend skipping astringents and finding a toner that works for your skin even if you’re acne-prone. Using alcohol on your face is risky business because it’s so easy to overdo it causing more inflammation and irritation than you started with in the first place. 

Balance Your pH

pH is a scale of measuring how acidic or alkaline something is. The ideal pH for your skin is 5.5 which is ever-so-slightly acidic. Balancing your skin’s pH helps to ensure your skin has the ability to protect itself from pollution and free radicals as well as to help lock in moisture (hydrated skin is the key to aging gracefully, party people). Essentially, balancing your pH helps your skin create boundaries so it can keep out the bad stuff and keep the good stuff in. We love healthy boundaries, y’all.

Choosing A Toner

What works for that mega influencer with 750K followers might not work for you. Yes, their skin looks phenomenal, but there’s definitely a little more to the story beyond that convincing IGTV you just watched (*cough cough* dermatologists, lasers, injections). That’s not to say they aren’t recommending products they don’t believe or that aren’t effective. I’m just saying there’s always a little more to the story which is why it’s so important to select products based on your unique needs. Goodbye impulse purchases. Hello, mindful shopping! 

Is your skin sensitive, normal, acne-prone, dry, or oily? Are you trying to reduce pore size, fine lines, or hyper-pigmentation? All of these details matter when selecting your toner.

For dry and sensitive skin folks: 

Herbal Dynamics Rose Water Toner |  $12

Herbal Dynamics Rosewater - Toner Guide

Dry, sensitive skin is a constant battle. Your skin likely needs different things at different periods of time through the month, but the best thing you can do for yourself and your mug is to use products with ingredients that treat it with unconditional love. 

Nature can be harsh on sensitive skin, so we love a dash of safe science to create a balance. Herbal Dynamics Beauty delivers on this notion. While the star of the show is Rose Water which is known to nourish and hydrate, aloe gel and hyaluronic are heavyweight hitters that provide nourishment that helps skin retain moisture and soothe irritation. Chamomile also helps to relieve inflammation and splotchiness. 

For normal skin folks:

Ode To Self Wave Toning Essence | $29

Just because your skin is normal doesn’t mean you can neglect it (this advice also applies to your relationships). 

Ode To Self’s Wave is a milky, silky-gel like texture and can be used as an essence as well, Vitamins A, C, calcium, potassium, flavonoids, and antioxidants help to calm, nourish, and protect the skin from environmental stressors and maintain your already glowing skin. Go from zero to bouncy, all in one deep-cleansing swipe. When applying, it leaves a cooling effect, helping to calm redness. One of the more interesting toners we’ve ever used (and we mean this in a good way!)

Ode To Self Wave Essence - Herbal Dynamics Rosewater - Toner Guide

For oily skin folks: 

Koa Balancing Toner Pads | $22

When you have oily skin, it’s easy to overdo it with drying astringent-type toners loaded with alcohol. Unfortunately, seeking immediate results by immediately going to the opposite end of the spectrum actually freaks your skin out, causing it to produce even more oil. 

Go easy on your beautiful, bountiful self-moisturizing skin with Koa’s Balancing Toner Pads. We love the ease of these toning pads – loaded with Salicylic + Mandelic + Glycolic Acid, Bilberry Fruit, Sodium PCA, and Zinc PCA these bad boys refine skin texture, tighten up pores, give a healthy hydration boost whiling helping to control oil. Goodbye, oil slick! Hello, healthy glow! 

Koa Balancing Toner Pads - Toner Guide

For acne-prone folks: 

Rosen Gold Tides Toner | $18

Controlling breakouts can be a long journey full of harsh chemicals and mixed results. Rosen’s creating natural solutions that actually clear up blemishes and heal scarring. 

Rosen’s Gold Tides Toner exfoliates acne-prone skin with sea salt and White Willow Bark to smooth that beautiful face of yours. White Willow Bark is the plant Salicylic Acid is derived from and is renowned for its natural BHA properties. This toner feels like the ocean, brightening skin and regenerating skin cells to bring in some new fancy skin cells sans the scarring. 

Rosen Gold Tides - Toner Guide

Applying Your Toner

Now that you know why toners are important and which toners are good for your unique skin, let’s chat about how you apply the toner. The application is dependent on the toner formula you select, but the step in your skincare routine is always the same.

If you are new to toning, apply your toner in the evening after cleansing so you can test out the new addition to your routine for a week or so. If you are a toning veteran, toning twice a day is ideal. If the toner is in a spray bottle such as Herbal Dynamics Rosewater Calming Face Toner, you obviously spray it directly onto your face. If the toner is in a bottle, wet a cotton pad with the formula and press it gently into your face to ensure the formula is soaked up by your skin.

After applying your toner whichever the method, let your face be for 3-5 minutes before moving onto your next step whether that be serum or moisturizing. By allowing your skin to absorb the formula before sloshing on the next product, you’re ensuring the active ingredients have the time to fully absorb so they can do their job.

What premium grade fuel is to the luxury vehicle, quality toner from your fave indie beauty brands is to your skincare regimen. The key to achieving beautiful, healthy skin is a balance between using the right products and consistent maintenance. We feel very lucky you’re including Troupe on the journey of investing in the skin you’re today for a better tomorrow. As a token of our appreciation use the promo code BFFSSHIPFREE on your next order, cutie.

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