Yuni is a natural skincare line that’s made to get sweaty (or not). With formulas that can be used on-the-go and made to evoke new cell production to promote firmer, brighter skin, Yuni is a cult favorite that we love using and love seeing on our bathroom sinks. Here are a few reasons you might love them too:


1. Yuni products are made for adventure


Yuni Beauty is built for an active lifestyle, however active is subjective. Not limited to doing a 5k or a tri-Athlon (good for you if it is), Yuni is built for hiking, camping, jumping on a plane, or simply a long car drive. With an assortment of no-rinse body wipes and formulas, these products are made to keep us clean, bacteria-free, and smelling more tolerable around the company you keep.


2. Their formulas are mindfully made


What exactly is mindful formulation? Yes, it’s something that I just made up, however, when it comes to formulas, Yuni has prioritized ingredients that drive the mindful experience that is at its core when using. Ingredients do what they say they’re going to do and at the same time, help balance stress. Yuni’s Sleepy Beauty Bedtime Body Essence is a great example of this, specifically created to nourish and calm.


3. It has everything your body could need


Yuni understands that personal care goes beyond the skin on your face. It’s every inch of your body. From Count to Zen for your body, Sleepy Beauty Bakuchiol + Biotic Serum to firm and even skin tone, to Gliding Light Illuminating Multipurpose Beauty Balm, Yuni really does prioritize creating a full and holistic skincare and body care routine.


4. Yuni formulas are safe.


Safety is a priority to Yuni when it comes to formulations. You can be sure that with Yuni prioritizing mental and emotional mindfulness into our daily practice, that it’s prioritized within formulas as well.


5. The products are incredible.


We love every product that Yuni has to offer but there are some hidden gems that we never knew we wanted or needed. Glow with the Flow Face and Body Scrub has helped us cut down the amount of products we’re keeping in our shower. Gliding Light Illuminating Multipurpose Beauty Balm has us using balms like we never imagined - creating a dewy highlight for cheeks, glossy lids, using as a lip balm, or even dry spots on our body. Light Seeker Facial Oil can be used as a traditional facial oil, mixed in moisturizer, even mixed in with foundation to create the ultimate dewy look. We love exploring all of the things that can be done with them.


Troupe Base Butter Radiate Face Jelly Balancing Daily Aloe Gel Moisturizer
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