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Scout FAQ

First off, are you an MLM?

Nah dawg, but we get why you’re asking that question right off the bat. MLMs have a pretty bad rap and most of them for good reason. Let us assure you Troupe’s Scout program is just a brand ambassador program but one that goes above and beyond the status quo to do better by our community. 

Here are all the ways we are not an MLM and why you will never see the predatory, unethical, and annoying practices associated with that world from Troupe: 

  1. Scouts earn a flat rate commission and do not earn off of anyone else’s sales (i.e. no multi-level anything).
  2. There is no inventory purchase required to be a Scout ever, and we handle all fulfillment from our warehouse in Austin, Texas.
  3. We have a strict set of protocols about what is and isn’t appropriate for Scouts when sharing the beauty products they love with their friends and family. That means no messaging distant acquaintances on Facebook to “have coffee and share about an exciting new opportunity!” Hallelujah.
  4. No consultants. No sales goals. No weird parties.

It is important to note that while MLMs are largely money making scams that over promise, under deliver and prey on vulnerable people, companies like Mary Kay were exceptionally revolutionary in their heyday. Mary Kay Cosmetics afforded women around the world the opportunity to generate income independent of their husbands, oftentimes for the first time in their lives. When women have financial security they have freedom, y’all.

What is a Scout?

A Scout is one of our super cool ambassadors for Troupe. They are movers, shakers, creatives, and risk-takers. Most importantly, they’re community influencers that live and breathe beauty and care deeply about their financial health. They are your BFFs for product recommendations and will never steer you wrong.

Scouts are also learning how to be financial mavens within their communities, sharing information that makes everyone’s life a lot better through something that feels more lighthearted.

Do Scouts earn money off of my purchase?

Scouts earn 15% on all sales when you shop using their trackable link. We believe in community economics. This means keeping money in your circle of friends, families, and coworkers, which is way more powerful than putting it into the pockets of executives at big-box retailers like S*****A or U**A 😊.

Of course, if you don’t have a Scout link, you can still shop the platform because beauty should be accessible to everyone! If you’re looking to make someone’s day, go to our Instagram and find a Scout. They likely have their Scout code in their bio!

Are Scouts ever required to buy inventory?

Heck no! Scouts never ever, ever purchase inventory to resell. We don’t require any cost to participate in our Scout program.

Should I be a Scout?

That’s totally up to you, bb. We think our Scout’s are quite possibly the coolest group of women and men ever. So if you want to learn to be more empowered by your money and are passionate about beauty, let’s talk. Apply today!

Does Troupe manage retirement funds?

Listen, we want the best for you, that’s why we’ve partnered with Beacon Pointe Wealth Advisors to manage them. Learn more here.


We want you to be able to talk about money as candidly as you do about your skincare routine. Shop beauty. Meet Scouts. Talk shop.

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