Scouts are beauty lovers, students, tastemakers, business owners, activists, style icons and more. Scouts are a beauty lover’s BFF, and they def have an opinion about what products you should try next.

We want to reprogram the propaganda that insinuates it’s never okay for the little guy to make money and that you should always trust the big guy. Beauty lovers talk about beauty products all the time, they recommend them to their friends and family, and from there, those people purchase those products from big box stores.

Why shouldn’t the people making those recommendations benefit from them financially? Why are we so programmed to be totally chill with giving our money to Bezos but not our best friends? On top of that, why is money so scary for literally everyone we know to talk about vulnerably? Why aren’t we taught financial literacy in schools?

We don’t have all of the answers, but we’re working really hard to create solutions. Our solution lies in our Scouts. Scouts are our brand ambassadors who want to talk about beauty but also social mobility, sustainability, financial empowerment and more.

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Benefits of being a Scout


10% discount on everything on the site always so Scouts can explore new, fun products to share with their friends!


Scouts get free shipping on all orders over $25 because that's the nice thing to do. We think you'll agree.


15% commission on all orders placed thx to Scout recommendations. Straight forward and to the point.


Retirement savings accounts so Scouts can start investing in themselves today for a better tomorrow.

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We want you to be able to talk about money as candidly as you do about your skincare routine. Shop beauty. Meet Scouts. Talk shop.

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